Accidents happen || Blaine & Wes 

Blaine took his time searching for gloves and hats for the twins. They always seemed to end up in various places all over the house and he had learned from past experiences that rushing just took longer. He did have a backup set for the twins for those days when they were in a hurry but today really wasn’t one of them. He finally found the gloves and hats and called for the twins to come get ready to leave. A grin spread across his face when he saw the twins race into the kitchen and excitedly pull on jackets. He knelt down and offered them hats and gloves waiting patiently for them to pull them on. “Are you ready to go see Papa?” he asked hoisting them up onto either hip. Locking the door, he let Hollie grab the car keys and headed to the car listening to their excited chatter. After they were buckled in and he was sure they had everything, he headed to the theater.

When they got there, he easily found a parking spot and shot a text to Wes telling him that they were there. He unbuckled the carseats and grabbed the boredom bag from the backseat. He glanced around for the twins and saw them running on ahead. “Tyler! Hollie! Get back here!” he yelled taking off after him. Suddenly, he felt himself slip and a look of horror crossed his face.

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      Blaine rolled his eyes watching the scene in front of him. “Only you would use acting to get me in quicker. I’m...
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      Wes frowned, quickly filling out the forms, and kissing Blaine on the forehead as he passed. “Look over the twins for a...